PADI Dive Specialty Courses


Expand your dive Education


PADI NITROX   Enriched Air dive class

PADI's most popular specialty, NITROX divers are able to extend their bottom time to almost twice as long as an air diver.  

One two hour academic class - $ 145


PADI Master Scuba diver

Achieve the highest level non professional  certification - the PADI Master SCUBA Diver.   5 PADI Specialties, Rescue Diver and EFR training and 50 logged dives.  

Emergency Oxygen Provider

Oxygen kIt for PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider course

Learn how to safely and effectively administer oxygen in an emergency situation.    Valuable for both dive and non divers for any emergency. 

One two hour academic class.  $ 125


Fish ID class photo

The Fish ID specialty course can be completed locally here in WI, or on a trip.   You'll learn tips and techniques to identify fish and learn about fish behavior of each species. 

Includes 2 dives - $ 100

PADI Equipment Specialist

TUSA Regulator for PADI Equipment Specialty Class

Learn about how SCUBA equipment works & how to maintain it.   You'll practice fixing common problems and learn what equipment needs to be professionally serviced.   

Online learning, plus a 3 hour clinic - $ 125

PADI Project AWARE Specialist

Seal for Project Aware Specialist

By earning this certification, you'll be aware of the most pressing problems facing aquatic environments and how to protect them.

Online download and 3 hour class - $ 75

AWARE Shark Conservation Diver


Sharks are crucial to marine ecosystems, yet sharks are in a global decline. In this PADI specialty course you will  learn about the value of sharks and what is causing the rapid loss of shark populations.

Academic only- $75

with 2 dives on a trip -  $ 110

AWARE Sea Turtle Awareness

Green Sea Turtle Pic by Don Johnson Breezeway Bubbles SCUBA LLC

There’s been a steady decline in worldwide sea turtle populations, but there are ways to fight this. Learn basic sea turtle identification, how to record sightings and conservation steps you can take. This PADI specialty course includes two scuba dives or two snorkeling excursions.  $ 110

AWARE Coral Reef Conservation

Picture of Coral Reef

Learn about how coral species impact our marine ecosystem and their environmental & economic value.   Take steps to learn how divers can help improve coral.  Online academic download & 2 hour class - $ 75

Delayed Surface Marker Buoy Diver

Surface Marker Buoy Diver

Surface marker buoys (SMBs) allow scuba divers to mark boundaries for mapping or search and recovery, alert boat traffic, or provide a line as a visual reference for ascending divers. During two dives, learn the proper techniques and protocols for using surface marker buoys and delayed surface marker buoys (DSMBs) in the local area.  $ 125

PADI Drift Diver

PADI Drift Diver

The PADI Drift Diver Specialty course teaches you how to enjoy going with the flow as you scuba dive down rivers and use ocean currents to glide along. It feels like flying – except that you’re underwater using scuba equipment.

Done on vacation - 2 dives with book - $ 125

PADI Wreck Diver

Wreck in Cayman Islands

Ships, boats, airplanes, cars, and more are all fun wrecks to explore.   Learn techniques and equipment used by wreck divers to appreciate and explore these underwater features that are usually teeming with life.  

Book & 4 dives required over 2 days - $ 250

PADI Night Diver


Experience the strange creatures that come out at night while night diving.  Lobsters, crabs, & eels that swim are common on ocean night dives.    Even lake dives expose fish behaving differently than during the day.  

Book, 3 dives.  $ 150.  

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Divers using Buoyancy skills

Mastering your buoyancy skills will make your diving more fun and safe, plus will extend your dive time.  Learn the tips and tricks to fine tune your buoyancy  Book, pool and 2 lake or ocean dives.  $ 125

PADI Underwater Navigator

PADI Divers practicing underwater navigation

Tired of getting lost underwater?   This PADI specialty course will show you how to use your compass and observation skills to comfortably find your way back to the boat, or find the object you're looking for.   Book and 3 dives - $ 150

PADI Search & Recovery Diver

PADI Search & Recovery Divers

Learn search techniques to find large or small missing objects.   Practice using lift bags and knot tying techniques while underwater.    This skills learned in this class can be used to earn money finding missing objects.   

Book, 4 dives over 2 days - $ 250

PADI Deep Diver

PADI Diver decending down a rope

Learn to plan & prepare for dives the reach depth the limits of recreational diving.   Understand the physical aspects of deep diving and how to mitigate risk.  Practice safe computer use & learn how to stay with accepted no decompression limits. 

Book, 4 dives over 2 days. 

Best done on vacation - $ 175

PADI Boat Diver

PADI Boat Divers

Learn about boats and how to dive from them, from small inflatable boats up to live aboard yachts.   You'll learn the terminology and how to access common safety equipment on dive boats. 

Book & 2 dives - $ 125

PADi Diver Propulsion Vehicle specialty

The most fun way to dive!

The PADI Diver Propulsion Specialty ( DPV) is a 2 dive course that will teach you the safe and effective ways to use a variety of DPV vehicles.   

Learn to dive the large DACOR underwater scooter, the Sublue Whiteshark, and the SCUBAJET - the smallest & most powerful scooter made. 

This dive specialty can count towards your PADI Master Scuba Diver certification and will allow you to rent these machines from dive shops.  

2 dives over one day. 

$ 125 includes everything. 

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